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Hotel Las Nubes


You can contact the following people to get transportation services:

Octavio Torres (Balleneros Tour & Travel) + 52 1 (999)-236-1524 E-Mail: ballenerosholboxgmail.com

Valentín Chimal (Holbox-Ha trasnfer): + 52 1 (984)-1164335 E-Mail: valentinchimalgmail.com

***If you mention that you have a reservation at the Hotel Las Nubes de Holbox you will receive a special price.

Since the last ferry from the port at Chiquila leaves at 9:30 pm, we recommend that you arrive at the latest at 6:30 to Cancun. There is a risk that after 9:30 you will not be able to cross due to climatic conditions. 

By Air

The flight lasts about 25 minutes from Cancun to Holbox, where you will be able to admire the natural beauty of the Yucatan Peninsula.

The plane leaves the FBO terminal at the Cancun Airport.

You may contact the following people:

Jorge de Leon (Jet Planes): 998-2083211

Ing. Guerra (Aero Saab): 984-8730804   984-8730501

Modo de Viaje: