The purpose of our company is to protect paradises by regenerating the local spirit. To achieve this we ensure that two main premises are fulfilled: the first is that nature is preserved, animals are cared for, as well as promoting more conscious and responsible tourism; the second is that our hotels are truly human spaces, where each guest can disconnect or feel at home and that each staff member becomes a part of the same tribe, our tribe.

We consider ourselves a hotel with a special focus on social commitment. We are always seeking to consume and contract locally, this way ensuring that local economies can have a better chance at succeeding. One of our main goals is to become every day a more environmentally friendly hotel and this can be seen in details that go from our biodegradable shampoos to our biodigester. We have an eye for detail. We do not use plastic that is not absolutely necessary, we reduce, reuse and recycle whenever and whatever is possible.