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12 eco-friendly initiatives at Las Nubes

By Vero Alvarez

Our planet is going through one of the toughest moments since its origin. Some of the damages that humans have provoked, are irreversible, but not all hope is lost. Now, more than ever, we most change our lifestyle and believe that even the smallest change can have a positive impact on Earth. 

At Las Nubes we are true protectors of the environment. Since our beginnings we have been constantly in the search of improvement, always searching for methods and actions to be greener. It is definitely not the easiest path to follow, but we know for sure that we most do anything that is in our hands to protect our home, our beautiful and rich planet. 

We present to you 12 actions we have started to be more friendly with the environment:

  1. We have a Rainwater Collection System: located on the hotel roofs, this harvesting system captures all the water and stores it for later use, such as: showers, bathrooms, and more.

  2. Conscious, sustainable and local fishing: all the fish and seafood we offer at our very own restaurant: El Sabor de Las Nubes comes from local producers. Also, the people we buy our produce from respect seasonality and. We believe it is extremely important to support local! 

  3. Each of the rooms has details that help reduce the ecological impact, such as LED lighting, biodegradable and organic shampoo and conditioners; their ingredients come from surrounding communities. In addition, we have a controlled towel change program where guests can help us reduce our water usage.  

  4. In our restaurant El Sabor de las Nubes, we do not use in anyway styrofoam for take aways, instead we replaced it with 100% biodegradable and compostable bamboo fiber packaging. 

  5. We have joined the initiative to reduce the consumption of straws by providing them only if the client requests them. The straws provided at the hotel are made of corn starch, a biodegradable material in its entirety. 

  6. Since 2016 the hotel continuously trains all its collaborators through independent consultants with courses in good environmental practices which has improved our capacity for recycling, water care and leaves a positive impact in our society. 

  7. No plastic bottles can be found at Las Nubes. 

  8. We use biodegradable bags in all our trash cans and also eliminated the use of plastics harmful to the environment. 

  9. We recycle 80% of the hotels waste

  10. Las Nubes has its own sewage treatment plant, which helps clean the water from the laundry, kitchen and biodigesters, taking advantage of the vital resource for irrigation of the hotel's green areas, thus protecting the mangrove.

  11. Volunteers from the hotel get together to have a beach cleanup! It is incredible the amount of trash collected at the end of the day.

  12. Coming 2020: We have plans of installing our very own solar panels! 

For this small, eco-boutique hotel, achieving a balance between tourism development and environmental care is essential to ensure an experience for its guests of sustainable luxury.

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