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These 5 reasons will make you stay at Las Nubes if you love kitesurfing

By Vero Alvarez

Holbox Island is without a doubt one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world. Flat, warm and shallow water makes it the ideal place for beginners to improve their skills, but also advanced riders can definitely enjoy an amazing kitesurfing holiday. Las Nubes de Holbox Hotel has the great advantage of being located a few meters from the most popular spot, so even if you are not a kitesurfer, it is still a spectacular event to watch. 

We present to you the top 5 reasons that will undoubtedly make you stay at Las Nubes if you are a fan of this incredible sport. 

1.- Location location location: Walk approximately 50 steps and you are right at THE spot. What else can you ask for? Want to check the wind and conditions? Just step out of your room. Also, you don’t have to move your equipment around the island or worry about finding and paying for a taxi. 

2.- We are the best hotel in town. Apart from our top of the line amenities, the hotel is surrounded by practically flat and shallow water in which many times you can find flamingos and other amazing birds.  

3.- Done from kiting? Getting chilly? Take a quick hot shower, freshen up and then maybe go back in the water for another session. The perks of staying right next to the spot….

4.- Delicious food and drinks. Need a break? Feel like you desperately need some fuel in the form of beer? Join us at the bar and restaurant. Enjoy an ice-cold drink or ask for one of our fish specialties, such as the green ceviche… great way to keep on enjoying your afternoon sesh.  

5.- Windy season in Holbox = off season prices.

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