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What to pack for your trip to Las Nubes

By: Vero Álvarez

Holbox is without a doubt one of the most attractive destinations in Mexico right now. It is a paradise where in just one day you can swim with whale sharks, go for a run, kitesurf, try some local food, go for drinks and maybe even take an island tour.

To accomplish all of this with style, you must be well prepared.....We present you our packing essentials for you upcoming trip to the most beautiful island.

1. Biodegradable Sunblock:

Temperatures can get quite hot during the day. We recommend bringing or buying a sunblock and suntan lotion that is eco friendly and does not contain chemicals that harm the environment.

2. Hat and Sunglasses:

This goes with the last point. There are people who are way more sensitive to the sun and can get really sunburnt. Using a high SPF sunscreen helps, but wearing a pair of sunglasses and a good hat is just perfect, especially if you are planning on spending the entire day under the burning sun.

3. Water Bottle:

Holbox is now officially plastic free! And at Las Nubes we make sure that plastic is used as little as possible (as well as other eco-friendly initiatives). To join us in our effort, we recommend you bring a water bottle, flask or any container of your choice... we will be more than happy to fill up your water bottle anytime.

4. Binoculars:

Some of the island's main attractions is watching some of the amazing wildlife. Something you absolutely can't miss are flamingos (especially from October to March), but just in Holbox, you can find up to 257 different birds.

5. Camera:

This one goes without much explanation. If you think your camera phone could do a little better, bring your other, a bit more professional, camera... the sights you will find in Holbox are worth it.

6. Cash:

One of Holbox's main problems is the lack of cash. Not many restaurants accept credit or debit cards and the few ATM's in the Island run out of money quickly. Better be safe than sorry... bring more cash than you would think.

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